Super PS2 – Playstation 2 with Retro G.E.M. HDMI – Best Quality from your PS2


This adds a SATA port to the outside of the Ps2 Slim for SSD hard drives. In order for you to use the small orange cover you will have to remove the pcb from inside your SSD shell. The cover also isn’t universal but feel free to modify it.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 4 in
Console Type

Fat, Slim

Will ship in 4 weeks or less.  


The Super PS2 is the definitive way to play your favorite PS2 games. I highly recommend checking the link above for all the major differences between upgrades.

You choose your setup.

Slim – The Slim Ps2 setup is the super sleek setup.  My consoles will all be 70012 which allow for the IDE resurrection Mod.  This mod allows for the same functionality as the original PS2 with IDE.

Fat – The original design solid sturdy and already has IDE support.  All consoles will be 50000 series.  The 50000 series is considered a sought-after system because of its fast read speeds and stability.

Retro G.E.M. comes installed with Shiny Edition

Internal Hard Mod – this is for people looking for simplicity and are mainly looking to play region free discs etc.

IDE Resurrection w/ Sata Connector – this is for the slim only this basically adds full ide hard drive support like the fat ps2s.  I then extend the SATA IO to the back and allowing you to plug in your own SSD’S.   The PCB in the picture is actually from the insides of an SSD hard drive.  The cartridge cover goes over it and gives it a cleaner look.  Doesn’t have 128gb drive limit like a Micro SD mod.

Brand New Lens – Replace lens with a new aftermarket lens.
PMAP Tuning – Tune the lens to perfection.DVD Drive Fix – the versions v9/10 fat and v12 slim besides being the best version of the console also have issues where if a scratched disc or homebrew was played it could burn out your lens.  this fix prevents that from happening.
USB-C Power Connector – Cool little mod which ass USB-C support to your console.  Includes adapter.


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