FingerCramp focuses on everything gaming related.  We have worked with the likes of Capcom & more.  We have done Webshows to gaming guides.

We have been producing the visual content for the Capcom pro Tour.  The Pro Tour grows every year and we always try to innovate.  Our designs have become mainstays in the Fighting Game Community.

We have worked on Resident Evil, Street Fighter and More.  During the Street Fighter V Launch phase we worked on creating mini-docs.  The mini docs were successful with one reaching the front page of Reddit and circulated among some of the top gaming blogs.  The doc of Broly Legs has touched many, he is an amazing person.

We have created multiple trailers for the Street Fighter series including Street Fighter V, Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

We have launched over 50 guides for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.  The guides overlooked terms from fighting games.  From the most basic to the most complex.

Our work has been featured on ESPN and more.  We focus on branding and online stream design.

We have also produced several successful music tracks.  Two tracks have millions of views with the super talented Under-Achievers.  We have also created theme songs for premiere events.

During our tenure we also establish a gaming team which featured the notorious Chris ‘NyChris G” Gonzalez.  Chris was extremely successful with our brand and at the time was able to place on top 8 on the world stage.  We devised a marketing push around which included web-shows and themes.

Our webshows garnered huge interest and still have a small following to this day.  Our show “Why We Hate You” was based around Andre “Jago”Lambert.  Our team of designers tried to make an variety show for the Fighter Game Community.

We have recently started to expand our reaches into the Retro RGB field.  We can also mod and create arcade sticks.  Please do not hesitate to message us.  We love gaming and the media around it!


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