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IDE Resurrection + Cartridge System

Slim 3D 

“I Love the Playstation 2 and this Super Customizable console is showcase of that.  The consoles will all come with Retro Gem HDMI which gives you the best quality output from your Playstation 2”



The Breakdown


You choose your setup.

Slim – The Slim Ps2 setup is the super sleek setup.  My consoles will all be 70012 which allow for the IDE resurrection Mod.  This mod allows for the same functionality as the original PS2 with IDE.

Fat – The original design solid sturdy and already has IDE support.  All consoles will be 50000 series.  The 50000 series is considered a sought-after system because of its fast read speeds and stability.

Note: All systems are used and will come marks/scuffs.

At the end it’s all a preference and if you are looking for IDE support without the extra cost, I would suggest the fat systems.


Optional Upgrades

Hard Mod - If you are looking for an old school style Hard Mod which will allow simpler loading of software and homebrew.  The Hard Mod will come with a PIC FIX by default it is necessary to protect your lens from burning.  Will also offer it separately.
IDE Resurrection - This is intricate mod for the PS2 SLIM only this will add a unique external SATA solution for a hard drive.  Without this the slim will not achieve the max speeds for your hard drive.  The mod also includes a 3d printed outside enclosure with a standard sata connector.  You can plug a full size Sata drive vertically.  No 128 GB drive limits.
DVD Drive Fix Pic Fix (Both Consoles) - This prevents the lens from burning while reading discs. This is necessary for the featured filled models we are using.
USB-C - This will allow USB C PD adapters with the correct voltage to work with the consoles.

I will include a working adapter with each console.

Retro Gem Shiny

  • Shiny Upgraded

  • Native digital video and audio.  It can output 480p and go up to 1440p.

  • Cutting Edge Motion Adaptive Interlacing

  • Scanlines

  • In Game Reset

  • WiFi Updates

  • Instant 240p to 480i switching


Does it come with the original bezel?
Yes, Original Bezel is included.
What adapters work with the PS2 and PS2 Slim?
The Slim will work with a 9v 3A adapter while the Fat will work with a 12v 3A(5A is recommended)
Here is my recommended adapter.
What condition are the consoles?
All the consoles are in varying conditions, I will always send the best console on hand first so keep that in mind.  Expect scratches etc. 



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