Limited FingerCramp Luchadores Arcade Stick *Wireless*

FingerCramp is excited to announce a new product, the “Luchadores” Arcade Stick.  We have just completed a small run.  The sticks themselves were a community driven effort.  Fearless(SRK) from Mexico designed the case with Abraham Rodriguez designing the art.  Both who did an amazing job.  The stick comes with the most premium parts available.


The art itself pays homage to our favorite fighting games in a fun luchadore style. 

  1. Works on both Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (Brook’s Universal Board)
  2. Full Sanwa Setup – JLF stick with Silent Sanwa Buttons
  3. Neutrik USB mount for plug n’ play USB
  4. Custom PCB shroud for looks and Easy Replacement
  5. Unique design – Custom Purple Metallic Paint
  6. Sturdy Hand Made Wood Case 
  7. Custom USB cable to match stick

*Extremely Limited (8 Total)  


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